3 Important Features of the Ideal Skate Backpack

Skaters know that the right accessories can make a real difference in the convenience and enjoyment of skating. When it comes to a backpack, it’s important to be able to carry all of the critical items in one place, without a lot of hassle. So what makes the perfect Skate Backpack? Here are three features that can’t be overlooked when shopping for a skate bag.

Multipurpose Storage

Most skaters want a backpack that is going to offer multipurpose storage. One big compartment for everything to fit inside just isn’t going to work. Instead, the goal is a bag that has lots of different pockets that will hold different items. Usually it helps to have at least one or two easy access pockets on the outside surface of the bag. Some skaters are going to want a secret storage pocket to keep somethings out of sight. Others may want a laptop sleeve to ensure they can bring along their computer when needed.


A skate backpack is going to be seeing a lot of different places. The outer and inner material needs to be durable enough to stand up to constant use. It should be able to be tossed aside at the skate park without tearing. It should be able to be packed full without worrying about the zipper giving out. Look for a pack that is going to last. When it comes to durability, it makes sense to pay a little extra a get a backpack that isn’t going to fall apart.

Comfortable to Wear

A lot of places to go means a lot of distance to travel. There’s a good chance that the backpack is going to be worn a lot. Ideally, the shoulder straps should be adjustable and comfortable. Look for some type of padding on the straps that will prevent them from rubbing uncomfortably on the shoulders. Also, look for a backpack that has an ergonomic design that isn’t going to feel awkward when it’s worn around often. Remember, the pack will most likely be loaded up with all sorts of items and could get heavy quickly. It helps to have something really comfy to carry around.

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