Saving Money On Your Shopping Sprees

Online shopping is gradually taking over the high street. We all spend billions online, but still there are new shoppers who are learning the tricks of the trade everyday. Here are some simple tips to turn novice shoppers into savvy ones.

Always use secure websites
Security first .Never give your credit card details in an insecure website. When you shop from a website, always watch if their site takes these payments through an encrypted channel. Watch for the address on your browser bar to show https:// instead of the http:// before the url of the website. Most secure sites explain the security measures clearly to reassure shoppers.

Sales and off season discounts
We all know seasonal sales like the Christmas ones. But it is also worth bearing in mind that things which are not in demand in a particular season could be much cheaper to buy than in a peak season.

Compare Prices
It is worthwhile sparing some time to compare prices using a price comparison site where you have the facility to compare different prices, read opinions and reviews to know the best deals around.

Price Match
Lots of online shops normally advertise that they will match competition’s advertised rates after one to three weeks of purchase. You can take prompt advantage of this policy by simply asking for it. If you find it cheaper of course.

Savings while you travel
During holidays you can purchase gifts in countries where these are cheaper and cut down on the costs compared to buying at home.

Join Cash back websites or Discount sites
These Cash back reward sites offer incentives and cash back to use their website. You shop as usual from all the online shops, but the commission the website gets is shared with their members

Freebies and Discount Vouchers
Always try and see if there are any discount vouchers around for the online shop you are going to use. Sometimes using Coupon and promotional codes can save you up to 20% or so.

Offline adverts can also help
Not all the savings are always online. Some companies prefer to advertise their new products on TV or newspapers and direct consumers to their websites. So watch out for local adverts and offers as well.

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