Twitter as a Source of Business Promotion, Advice and Information

Twitter has become a dominating force in various areas of interest, from politics to rock music to entrepreneurship. Anyone who wants to start a new business or to make significant improvements in the current company may want to take a look at thoughts from Jim Tsokanos on Twitter here. The chief executive officer of Nu Nexus, a marketing agency, shares insights regularly that provide inspiration and knowledge.

The website has democratized online communication in a way that perhaps no other site has ever accomplished. Persons who might describe themselves as ordinary, average individuals have the chance to communicate with rock stars, business billionaires and politicians at the highest levels of government. Enormous numbers of people from all walks of life have found enjoyment from posting snippets of their thoughts and sharing information, photos and video. They also like taking a few moments out of their busy day to review what people they find inspiring have to say.

How does being active on Twitter help in marketing efforts? The platform shouldn’t only be used as a place for promotional possibilities, although it can be very effective in that regard. As a business owner gains followers, those Twitter users look forward to seeing what this person has to say about various topics and perhaps to comment on some of those posts. A sense of a professional relationship can even develop. Twitter can be useful for brand building and for introducing new products and services. It can draw positive attention to the organization, and help create and support loyalty.

This website has an entirely different flavor than Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Although a business owner may want to hire a marketing company to make posts and manage all the social media activity, it’s good to participate personally as well. The client should at least routinely read some of the posts made by the marketing firm. In addition, it’s advantageous for a business owner to follow several Twitter accounts he or she finds inspirational, motivating and instructional. The site can be utilized as a superb source of advice and information about running a small business and learning strategies to increase revenue.

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