Understanding Perfumes

Buyer’s Guide to Buying Scents, Perfumes and Colognes Perfumes, colognes and other scents are popular among men and women. Scents work by building your confidence when you socialize and make you feel better about yourself by making you smell better. At other times, they help you lift your mood. Right now, there can be a wide range of scents and perfumes displayed on the market. If you talk of business, the business on wearable scents is among the most promising and profitable, with more than billions of dollars of earnings each year. With the passing of time, this has made competition to grow a lot stiffer. But on the part of buyers, a more complicated choosing task becomes a need. If you are into shopping for new and different scents, either for you or for someone else you love, then the guidelines on choosing a scent to buy can surely be helpful to you. CHOOSING A SCENT
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Colognes and perfumes contain various notes. The overall scent of a cologne or perfume is determined by its notes. There are three layers to notes: Base, top, and middle notes. The specific and unique smell of a cologne or perfume comes from the combination and synergy of all the layers of its notes. For instance, there are what you call floral scents. They are consisted of various scent notes like gardenia, rose or geranium. There are also fruitier scents. These are those coming with undertones of apple or maybe citrus.
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You can also fine exotic perfumes. Scents like these have spicy notes like star ainise and, sometimes, cinnamon. Men scents are also composed of various notes. Musk scents come in more masculine and heavier tone. You can also fine scents for men that smells like pine or have a leather-based note. When selecting your scent, it is a good thing to consider its base notes. Following that, you need to check which smell you like wearing. Some people make a research before buying a cologne just to make sure that they know enough when they enter the store. CHOOSING A CONCENTRATION There are four different levels of concentration in fragrances. Most of the time, the price for a scent goes up as its concentration goes high. Not only that, scents that come with higher levels of concentration may also bear a stronger smell. You can also expect them to stay much longer. Even when they have bigger price tags, some buyers think that the price is just worth. The highest concentration scents are called perfume or parfum. The eau de parfum is next to parfum. After being applied, its scent can last up to six hours. The eau de toilette follows the eau de parfum. It is more affordable and available. The eau de cologne is the lowest fragrance concentration.

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